It is a very interesting time in the bond market. The bond market typically has a huge impact on interest rates. The 10 and 30 year treasury bond is a measuring stick for investors and those in the mortgage business. They us it to gauge where the fixed interests rates may go in the future. High investor confidence means falling prices and demand for the 10-year Treasury, and therefore a higher yield. This is because investors are confident they can find other investments with better returns.
Prices rise and the yield decreases when confidence is low. This is a result of more demand for the safer investments.
Generally speaking: when the economy gets really good news the mortgage rates tend to be higher. When the economy gets bad news, the mortgage rates tend to drop.
Right now the mortgage rates are at their lowest levels of the year. They should be lower than they are according to  the measuring stick of the 10 and 30 year Treasury bond. It seems that that rates want to rise and the decreasing yields are keeping them from doing that.
Why is this happening? Chinese trade war news and the global economy seem to be contributing factors. My suggestion is to lock your loan sooner rather than later. If you are considering a refinance, this may be the best time to do that. If all the bad news is keeping the rates low, then any good news with the economy will increase that rates rapidly.

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