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The Broker Advantage

The local advantage

Broker vs Big banks. Watch and learn the difference. 

From the owner

I have been in the mortgage business since 1998 working as a loan officer until opening up my own company Alterna Mortgage in 2004. I chose the name Alterna from the word Alternative. I want my company to be the alternative to big banks and high cost lenders. We have the same rates and terms available to us as any large corporation or bank. Since we do not have the overhead we are able to pass the savings on to our clients. This means you get a lower rate and lower fees. I intend to keep us small enough to maintain our family atmosphere and outstanding personal service. Our clients are names and not just a number in a big bank. If you are shopping for a home or looking to refinance your current mortgage give us a call at 503-703-4699 or email at and see the difference.


Scott Bennett



Real people with real numbers

We give you an honest quote right away. We do not wait until you shop around and then match the deal. We already have the best deal.

We know the local market

We are not a company based in California or New York. We are located right here in Portland and we only service the state of Oregon.

We have a Unique Process

We are better than any app. You will have direct access to the owner. Work with one person the whole time. Call or text Scott at 503-703-4699 to see for yourself.

we offer Fast closings

Constant communication with the underwriters, realtors, title and our clients ensure we close on time. It is easier when everyone is on the same page.

REFINANCing options

We have many programs available. Lower your interest rate or payment. Switch to a 15 year low rate. Get cash out for home projects or debt consolidation.

PURCHASing options

Get pre-approved in 24 hours. It is the first step for any home buyer and it is free. We will answer all your questions and provide you with all your available loan options. 


Jumbo loans are large loans over $484,350. They have a higher rates and more requirements. We can do a high balance loan up to $726,525 that have lower rates and requirements than typical bank Jumbo loans. 


These loans are for folks with lower credit scores, hard to prove income, or a past bankruptcy or housing event. Do not let the past hold you back from home ownership. 


Get fast pre-approvals and ongoing service throughout the home buying  or refinance  process.